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His teaching in Presidency College began in His doctoral research was on role of family in political education of the young in family. My current research interest is in economic morals. In his illustrious career spanning close to four decades, Prof. Professor Upadhayaya holds M. Earlier this year Prof. Comments His latest book Riots as Rituals is based on his research on communal relations, mobilization and violence with the Bhagalpur riots in the Backdrop. An academician-activist to the core, he is a practitioner of emancipator and anti-oppressive approach in Social Work.

He has designed and implemented rehabilitative and re-conciliatory action projects in Gujarat and Rajasthan and has been part of several civil society fact-finding teams to respond to instances of violence and atrocities. He is also a visiting faculty to School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. He has worked as consultant with Oxfam Gujarat on its initiative on Peace building and Conflict reduction in West India and was instrumental in creating in Urja Ghar-an open and shared space for communities in riot affected Gujarat.

He was also offered the position of Programme Coordinator for the Peace building and Conflict reduction programme in West India. He has coordinated a national study on Social Exclusion of Dalit and minority children from the sphere of education. He has coordinated and led teams of NGOs and trainee social workers for relief and rehabilitation work in the earthquake affected Kutch district of Gujarat with particular emphasis on marginalized and the vulnerable groups.

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As part of her current work on borders and women, she has authored numerous papers on women in conflict situations in northeast India. Currently she is working on women in peace movements in South Asia and on borders and boundaries in the region. She has authored and edited a number of books. Comments 1 Comments 2 3. Meghna Guhathakurta is executive director of Research Initiatives Bangladesh RIB , a research support organization based in Dhaka, which specializes in action research with marginalized communities.

From to , she taught International Relations at the University of Dhaka. Her field of specialization has broadly been international development, gender relations, and South Asian politics. She is widely published on these issues. Politics from the University of York, United Kingdom. He regularly publishes in Bengali as well. Comments 5. She is also the current director of Pratichi Trust.

She has worked and published on issues of human development, democracy, decentralization and local politics.

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Anuradha Roy teaches history at Jadavpur University. As a researcher, she studies intellectual and cultural history focusing on the life of the Bengali bhadralok middle-class literati. Initially her research focused on their cultural communism during the late colonial and early independence period.

Now she looks into their cultural nationalism. Recently she has taken interest in the bhadramahila the womenfolk of the bhadralok family too.

Social and Political Mapping of Popular Movements, Logistical Vision and Infrastructure of India

Another recent research interest is Gandhian social activism in Bengal. Comments 1. Comments2 9. He was one of the initiators of Department, the first of its kind in South Asia. He is also the initiator and Coordinator of the Media Lab at Jadavpur, a centre for experiments in digital humanities and online archiving. He writes on Indian cinema and culture.

She is also a guest faculty in M. Her areas of interest include human rights of women, gender and law and women's movements. She regularly conducts human rights training programmes for youth, women and personnel in governmental and voluntary associations. She is one of the founder members of Gender and Law Association; one of the trustees of Anjali: a voluntary organization based in Calcutta that works in the area of human rights and mental health.

Social Institutions

She is a member of Nari Nirjatan Pratirodh Mancha - an activist feminist organization in Calcutta and Maitree - a women's rights network and also associated with various human rights organizations at the local and national level. Jishnu Dasgupta teaches history at Serampore College.

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Earlier he had taught in New Alipur College. He studied history at Presidency College, and then he went on to the University of Calcutta. His subsequent research interest has been in the social history of politics, particularly the social history of politics in Bihar. He has also worked and had written on the history of sports, particularly in the linkages of the history of cricket with those of communalism and nation-building.

She had earlier taught at City College, Calcutta. Using mainly a social history perspective, she engages with women and gender, the city and urbanization, the environment and environmentalism, science and society, colonialism and nationalism, the political economy and cultural politics of neoliberal globalization, and development-induced displacement. Temporally, her focus is on the late nineteenth to the early twenty-first century. Honours Examination, Mahendra N. He was also the director of A.

He is the author of 12 books, 15 articles and 20 book chapters in edited volumes. He is presently editing a nine volume collection on J P Movement in Bihar. Previously he was associated with the Department of History, Kalyani University. His area of interests are labour studies and socio-political history of twentieth century Bengal.

He has about forty research awardees to his credit. Rajarshi did his Masters and M. Comments1 Comments2 Raghab Bandyopadhyay is a noted contemporary Bengali novelist and short story writer. Research profile. Latest research projects. Degree programmes that offer teaching in political science. Blogs, websites and social media channels.

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Community relations and public engagement. Contact information. What is political science? A broad and changing field of research As an academic discipline, political science is rooted both in social philosophy and in the needs of the late 19 th century to educate civil servants for the service of the modern state.

Permanent teaching and research staff in political science focus on research topics including the following: Political participation and voter behaviour Institutions of politics and governance Democracy and equality Public policies and their instruments, effects and assessment National and global civic movements and organisations Gender and politics Political communication Global political economy Theory of world politics.

Political Science. Field of science Political science. Faculty Common Matters. Assistant Professors and Associate Professors. Associate Professor.

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Field of science Political science, Media and communications, Sociology. University Lecturers. University Lecturer. Field of science Political science, Media and communications. Field of science Political science, History and Archaeology.

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Field of science Political science, Political History, Social and economic geography. University Researchers. University Researcher. Field of science Other social sciences, Physical sciences.

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Postdoctoral Researchers. Sustainability and security, however defined, must therefore be considered in the context of such societies, yet there is very little significant literature that does so. Indeed, much ecologically-oriented…. By Ann Brooks.