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It was cracked at the base. They all were. Jane had taken to calling him Picket.

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She had no idea what he called himself. So we just stereotype a bit.

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Most people hate afternoon rain. It spoils the whole day. Then we crank up the heat at night, so you sweat in your sleep, but we turn it way down in the early morning, so you wake up all clammy and cold. But with you guys, used to electricity and gas and such — it takes real work just to eat. Picket rolled over in the dirt and scratched his ass. Jane noticed with distaste that a thick gob of snot was hanging from his enormous nose. SmallBoat Navigation. Combat Rubber Raiding Craft Operations.

Inflatable Boats.

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OvertheBeach Operations. Field Skills.

Sniper Operations in Urban Terrain. Appendix B Sniper Rifle Telescopes. Mines and Grenades. Small Arms Weapons and Ammunition. Combat Diving and Swimming Operations. OpenCircuit Diving. ClosedCircuit Diving. Surface Infiltration. Special Forces Use of Pack Animals. Military Pack Animal Operations. Animal Management. Animal Care and Training. Animal Health Management.

Draft Dodger LE 5 May I've heard rounds pass high overhead make a zoof type noise more like a low hum that made them sound like they were rippling through the air. These were probably 7. Last edited: 5 May Closest rounds near me were accompanied by a bang, thud and unpleasant smell from my underpants as they knocked the stuffing out of the bund-line I was lying on.

They also came with a strong urge to beat the olympic record for m sprint to the rear to leather the shit out of one of our platoon's GPMG gunners. Luckily all the rounds directed at me on ops were far enough away to give a text-book crack and thump, having been fired by blokes with the marksmanship skills of a doped-up Liberian child soldier. Or a member of the RLC.

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Crack-thump is the sonic boom from a supersonic round going near ish to you followed by the muzzle report. You can hear this quite well at Bisley if you stand on the road on the camp side of Century while people are shooting yards at that end. Whirring or zooming sounds come from bullets which are subsonic, so are far away.

From really close all you hear is a loud, sharp BANG, since the crack and thump arrive basically together. I was taught that the crack is the supersonic round going by and the thump is the report of the rifle? You must log in or register to reply here.

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