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When I started doing research, I found that our bodies need healthy fats in our diet for our hormones and BODIES to function properly, especially for women. Since adjusting my diet and going towards a more balanced approach, I realized something. I was focusing all of my energy on one food group and not having variety to my diet. Some people can focus their energy on one food group and maybe it really works for them long term! My body could not do that. One message I really want to also stress in this post: Don't just listen to one person. Some people feel better eating a high carb diet, others do not.

I'm not trying to convenience you that "my way" is the only way of eating. Try your best to figure out what foods make your body feel amazing. Over the years I have been trying to be as informed as possible about this subject. If you are unsure about what to eat or what is healthy for your body, please seek out a health professional or dietitian. Even though I research, I am not a health professional, and would never want to steer someone in a direction that isn't working for them. I will go ahead and name some of those people because I believe they are shining examples of long term health:.

All of these individuals have TWO major things in common: they have been following a raw food diet long term and they do not eat fruit as their primary source of fuel. I figured since there is so much hype on social media about fruitarianism, HCLF diets and other similar ways of eating that I would be the odd one out and publicly speak about the topic. Again, it is my personal experience but perhaps it could help someone who is in a similar situation that I was in. It takes quite of a lot of fruit to get up to that percentage.

Yes, fruit sugar is different than added sugar due to the fiber and water content and the way it is absorbed into the bloodstream. I now incorporate more greens, vegetables, protein, nuts and seeds along with my fruit and am really enjoying the benefits of high levels of energy, clearer skin, eyes and much more. I also take supplements! This is not talked about still, but you need your supplements to reach any vitiams or minerals you may not be reaching every day. If you aren't sure where your numbers are, please get a blood test!

In conclusion, from my experience, vegan diets are great for your health, raw vegan diets are even better. High fruit diets are amazing for periods of time in order to cleanse the body and give it a break from higher fat foods. A well balanced raw vegan diet high in greens and veggies, nuts, seeds, superfoods, protein, and some fruit is, in my opinion, the best most well-rounded way of approaching a raw diet. It all depends on where you are in your journey. I will also link the recent video that I made about this topic here:. Did you eat Avocado at all?

I am new to this diet and a avocado is a fruit and a healthy fat!

Trying The FRUITARIAN Raw Vegan Diet For A Week 🍎🍌🍍

I have been trying to do at least a half to whole one each day. I am also doing some veggies as well. My own efforts suggest this may be pursued in schools, [18] and supermarkets.

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What will it take if we wish to see our efforts blossom into better diets and better health? We must tirelessly till the resistant soil of policy change. We have long sown but frugal seeds of limited programs and modest policies to promote fruit and vegetable intake, and sown them on ground relatively infertile to such efforts.

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The foodscape is dominated by processed foods, and subject to the agricultural imperatives of a farm bill that is more about big business, than the health of the little guy. To reap the rewards of better health that will likely ensue when we eat mostly, or at least just more, plants — there's a whole lot of sowing to be done. As We Sow… See reader comments on this article and provide your own. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Medscape J Med v.

Medscape J Med. David L.

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Fruit Flush Diet Plan Review: Detoxing With Fruit?

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Complete and Voluntary Starvation of 50 days

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