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Reflecting on his childhood growing up in the San Fernando Valley as one of the first Armenian families there in the s, Petoyan recalled the significance of the church during his youth. By the age of 7, he recalled, he was serving on the altar and became heavily involved in the Armenian Church Youth Organization, among other Diocesan programming. Despite embarking on a career in banking after graduating from college, Petoyan felt unfulfilled and knew he had to pursue his calling.


He went on to receive his Master of Divinity degree from St. Nersess Armenian Theological and St. Vladimir Orthodox Seminary in After marrying Talin Mermerian, he was ordained to the priesthood in by Archbishop Vatche Hovsepian, then-Primate of the Western Diocese, under the guidance of his godparents, Chris and Margaret Yaldezian, who were present at the luncheon. Following his ordination, Petoyan served as parish priest of the St.

John Armenian Church of San Francisco for 11 years and for the last decade has been ministering the St. Gregory Armenian Church of Pasadena.

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In addition to serving Armenia and their flock, the couple strongly supports the Western Diocese. They have written a four-year, age-appropriate curriculum for the Diocesan Summer Camp, prepared service books for rituals celebrated in the Armenian Church, including Holy Week, and produced three professional documentaries on the Armenian Church.

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Sarkis is a golden priest serving our Diocese. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. The Armenian Mirror-Spectator. Top Stories Most read stories of the month Grace Shnorhig Petoyan, Yn. Are we giving the members of the church an adequate opportunity to exercise their gifts?

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Are our churches corresponding to the life of the New Testament church? Or is there too much concentration in the hands of ministers and clergy? You say, "We provide opportunity for the gifts of others in week-night activities. When one looks at the New Testament church and contrasts the church today, even our churches, with that church, one is appalled at the difference. In the New Testament church one sees vigor and activity; one sees a living community, conscious of its glory and of its responsibility, with the whole church, as it were, an evangelistic force.

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The notion of people belonging to the church in order to come to sit down and fold their arms and listen, with just two or three doing everything, is quite foreign to the New Testament, and it seems to me it is foreign to what has always been the characteristic of the church in times of revival and of reawakening Knowing the Times [Carlisle, PA: The Banner of Truth Trust, ] pp. If the ideas contained in this paper are true, is it not obvious, then, that we have seriously departed from the teaching of Scripture?

Does it bother you that most of what we associate with "church" has little to do with the New Testament e. How can we claim to take the New Testament seriously as our "rule of faith and practice," and yet turn a deaf ear to clear, undeniable patterns of multiple participation which marked the early apostolic churches?

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If our current practice contradicts the New Testament, why do we keep affirming it as our infallible guide? Why don't we just admit that we do not really care what the New Testament says, and that we prefer our inherited way of doing things?

What are YOU prepared to do about this? If we are to see genuine church renewal, we must begin to speak out against false ecclesiastical traditions and practices. We must rethink our views of the local church, its ministry, and its form of church leadership — and seek to conform all that we say and do in light of New Testament patterns.

As John Stott has said: "The hallmark of an authentic evangelicalism is not the uncritical repetition of old traditions, but the willingness to submit every tradition, however ancient, to fresh Biblical scrutiny and, if necessary, reform" "Basic Stott," Christianity Today [Jan.

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