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Join Mailing List. Lineup The lineup will be announced closer to the festival. Address Argassi, Zakynthos, 00, Greece. FAQs How do I get to the festival?

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You all gather round round the largest car, or the one that got here first, or the one that has the best sound system or all of the above , and out from the car boot, much like the Holy Grail line-up from Indiana Jones, comes an array of bottles and cups of all shapes and sizes. Everyone slowly starts to get varying levels of tipsy Maltese people are social, protective and borderline clingy beings.

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If you want proof of this, just scope out a Maltese group of friends at a music festival. It might not be the biggest premises in the world, but we'll treat it like a post-apocalytpic playground that can and will eat up our loved ones.

Kia orana!

Music and body language are the best modes of communication in this workshop group of Kurdish, Afghan, Syrian and Greek children and adolescents. And it is through this body language and the gestures that, as they grow in confidence, they are able to reveal their memories: Getting together in a room, such as here in the small philharmonic concert hall in the city of Chios, is unusual for them. This past summer, violinist Olga Holdorff-Myriangou and composer Eleftherios Veniadis, both of whom have family roots on Chios and a working base in Berlin, set up the Chios Music Festival with the support of the Allianz Cultural Foundation.

It was an immediate success. Now, in late autumn, the festival is having a week-long reprise with a focus on workshops that bring native islanders and refugees together. The team, made up of an actress and seven internationally successful musicians, who also happen to be blessed with excellent social skills, is a stroke of luck. Demetrios Karamintzas, for example, helped create the "MitMachMusik" project for refugee children in Berlin, violist Leila Weber the "Hangarmusik" project.

In Chios the team wants to use the power of music to bring people together and give them the strength to face the hard days of winter. She would like her festival, at the very least, to create happy memories.

Catch Festival Fever at Kure Beach

Though a modest wish, it may not be granted. The Vial camp is overcrowded and the refugees have much to endure: The hotspot is located several miles outside the island capital of Chios. Designed to hold 1, people, it currently holds over 2,, including around children and is divided into a supervised official and a non-supervised part.

While a group of men complain about the Greek police, the unaccompanied women here would like to see a greater police presence at the camp.

Shapes Zakynthos festival in Argassi, Zakynthos, Greece | FestivAll

More than 70 years after Pakistan's foundation, architectural jewels dating from the British colonial era are being torn down — especially in the economic metropolis of Karachi, many buildings are threatened by the demolition ball. Skip to main content. An inspirational idea from a violinist and a composer has led to the establishment of a new music festival on the Greek island of Chios.

Their idea is to help build bridges between refugees and islanders — and maybe make the hard winter a little easier to bear. Immediate success This past summer, violinist Olga Holdorff-Myriangou and composer Eleftherios Veniadis, both of whom have family roots on Chios and a working base in Berlin, set up the Chios Music Festival with the support of the Allianz Cultural Foundation.

The event drew fans of the indie and experimental rock that comprised the bulk of Sirenfest's performers, as the concert itself was held in high esteem for its high-quality sound and performances and for being free of charge. Self-titled the "premier outdoor indie rock festival," the event drew upwards of , fans. The layout usually involved the Main Stage and the Stillwell Stage, placed two blocks apart, upon which performances could go on simultaneously.