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Peyrounette, Myriam and Davit, Yohan and Lorthois, Sylvie A hybrid approach to model blood flow at the scale of the cortex in human brain microcirculation. Celentano, Augusto and Dubois, Emmanuel A layered structure for a design space dedicated to rich interactive multimedia content. Accompagnement aux changements de pratiques en viticulture et jardinage: Sustainable Urban Agricultures UA: From single bifurcations to 2D-networks.

Boix, Marianne and Montastruc, Ludovic and Ramos, Manuel and Gentilhomme, Olivier and Domenech, Serge Benefits analysis of optimal design of eco-industrial parks through life cycle indicators. Ferraris, Vinicius and Dobigeon, Nicolas and Wei, Qi and Chabert, Marie Change detection between multi-band images using a robust fusion-based approach. Vector for Ecological Transition!

From confined pillar arrays in a gap radial gradient to phyllotaxy-inspired geometry. Fundamental and Applied Catalysis. Lessons Learned in the Wild. Mengistie, Endalkachew Chanie and Lahitte, Jean-Francois Development of flow-through polymeric membrane reactor for liquid phase reactions: Knowledge and perceptions of local biodiversity influencing understanding of global environmental change. A presentation of the PIAF project. International Scientific Conference Digital Humanities: Urbano, Annafederica and Selle, Laurent Driving and damping mechanisms for transverse combustion instabilities in liquid rocket engines.

New insights into the early hominin cochlea from a phylo-morphometric approach.

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Lacaze, Jacques and Sertucha, Jon Effect of tin on the phase transformations of cast irons. Genaro Motti, Lilian and Vigouroux, Nadine and Gorce, Philippe Etude comparative de l'analyse des mouvements lors d'une interaction tactile: Moghaddam, Alireza Attari and Prat, Marc and Tsotsas, Evangelos and Kharaghani, Abdolreza Evaporation in capillary porous media at the perfect piston-like invasion limit: Evidence of non-local equilibrium effects. Probst, Jean-Luc Experimental catchments as observatories of the hydrological and biogeochemical functioning of the critical zone.

List water lectures seminar series, 12 June - 15 June Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

A Multilingual Corpus Study. A Source of Sound Generation. Any Impacts on Search? Issues of the Smart Revolution. Numerical Simulations and Experimental validation. The study of awareness tools in the context of virtual and remote laboratory. Mer, Samuel and Thibault, Jean-Paul and Corre, Christophe Influence of noncondensable gases on thermodynamic control on-ground experiments using a substitute fluid.

A test case for premixed turbulent combustion models. Quel impact sur la recherche d'information?

Jean-François Bladé

Toward an Efficient Hybrid Algorithm. A process to leverage existing tools. Izard, Edouard and Lacaze, Laurent and Bonometti, Thomas Modelling the normal bouncing dynamics of spheres in a viscous fluid. Application to the acetone-ethanol-butanol producing process.

VIN : définition de VIN et synonymes de VIN (français)

Poinsot, Thierry Prediction and control of combustion instabilities in real engines. Inter- and Intramethod Reliability Study. Lachtar, Abdelfetteh and Kachouri, Abdennaceur and Val, Thierry Real-time monitoring of elderly using their connected walking stick. Resilience study applied in eco-industrial Parks. Ferraris, Vinicius and Dobigeon, Nicolas and Wei, Qi and Chabert, Marie Robust fusion of multi-band images with different spatial and spectral resolutions for change detection.

Lyman, Geoffrey and Bourgeois, Florent Sampling, corporate governance and risk analysis. We are Metallurgists, not Magicians. Maes, Julien and Muggeridge, Ann H. Applied Physics, 50 8. Stainless steel and graphite electrode materials select bacterial communities resulting in opposite electrocatalytic activities. Neuroscience , 11 November - 15 November Washington D. Why do Web Browsers still not agree? Journal of Automobile Engineering, 9.

Oberlin, Thomas and Meignen, Sylvain The second-order wavelet synchrosqueezing transform. Mutschler, Dimitri and Larabi, Mohamed Aziz and Mojtabi, Abdelkader Theoretical models for the thermo-gravitational separation process in porous media filled by N-component mixtures. Mg thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering.

Peyrounette, Myriam and Davit, Yohan and Quintard, Michel and Lorthois, Sylvie Towards a large-scale simulation of blood flow in brain microcirculation. Swaidan, Ali and Fichot, Florian and Quintard, Michel Two phase flow redistribution in a two-layered porous medium with contrasting permeability.

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Thouvenin, Pierre-Antoine and Dobigeon, Nicolas and Tourneret, Jean-Yves Unmixing multitemporal hyperspectral images accounting for smooth and abrupt variations. Serrano, Marcos and Roudaut, Anne and Irani, Pourang Visual composition of graphical elements on non-rectangular displays. Chemical kinetics, adhesion, and properties. The onset of vortex-induced vibrations of a flexible cylinder at large inclination angle. Applied Physics, 49 Key roles, theory and critical review. ISSN - The applied potential modulates the electrochemical characteristics, the biofilm structure and the ratio of the two dominant genera.

Gojon, Romain and Bogey, Christophe and Marsden, Olivier Investigation of tone generation in ideally expanded supersonic planar impinging jets using large-eddy simulation. Andersson, Fredrik and Carlsson, Marcus and Wendt, Herwig On a fixed-point algorithm for structured low-rank approximation and estimation of half-life parameters. Species-level diversity and hypotheses. Oliot, Manon and Etcheverry, Luc and Bergel, Alain Removable air-cathode to overcome cathode biofouling in microbial fuel cells.

Piollet, Elsa and Poquillon, Dominique and Michon, Guilhem Dynamic hysteresis modelling of entangled cross-linked fibres in shear. A comparison of foliar and root metal uptake. Multiscale modeling and experimental analysis of chemical vapor deposited aluminum films: Linking reactor operating conditions with roughness evolution. Current status and future advances. Couceiro, Miguel and Dubois, Didier and Prade, Henri and Waldhauser, Tamas Decision-Making with sugeno integrals - bridging the gap between multicriteria evaluation and decision under uncertainty.

Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis, 50 6. Passive heaving of elliptical cylinders with active pitching — From cylinders towards flapping foils. Effect of the pyrolysis conditions and the nature of the biomass on the physicochemical properties and the reactivity of char. An organised review of merging rules in different representation frameworks. Charlotte, Miguel An atomistically-meaningful pseudocontinuum representation for the finite monatomic chain with harmonic nearest-neighbor interactions.

Saboni, Abdellah and Alexandrova, S. Application on case based reasoning for waste treatment.

Manual Origine du nom de famille DOMINE (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)

Brahimi, Mehdi and Medjaher, Kamal and Leouatni, Mohammed and Zerhouni, Noureddine Development of a prognostics and health management system for the railway infrastructure — Review and methodology. Comparative Analysis of Current Systems. A Proof of Concept. Roger, Kevin Nanoemulsification in the vicinity of phase inversion: Stoichio-kinetic model discrimination and parameter identification in continuous microreactors.

What are the controlling factors? Zonal large-eddy simulation of a tip leakage flow. Caubert, Florent and Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Arurault, Laurent Innovating pulsed electrophoretic deposition of boehmite nanoparticles dispersed in an aqueous solution, into a model porous anodic film, prepared on aluminium alloy PhD, Informatique, Castres, France, , p. From molecular simulations to a transmission line model.

Investigation of the impact of membrane material, wine composition and operating conditions.

ACD1 against toxigenic fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms. Hartley, James and Cabanac, Guillaume Are two authors better than one? Can writing in pairs affect the readability of academic blogs? Combinatorial MAPLE deposition of antimicrobial orthopedic maps fabricated from chitosan and biomimetic apatite powders. Evaluation, Results and Lesson Learned.

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