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Matthew , NIV. Jesus extended an invitation to those first disciples. No road map was given, no timeline of what it was going to look like. And he found them right in the midst of what they were doing in their everyday lives. In this instance, he found Simon and Andrew fishing. And they all get an invitation.

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To follow. The instruction would be over the next three years. Following, watching, observing, interacting and yes, participating. They were learners after all. Learners that would listen to teaching, participate in miracles, and ultimately be sent out as fishers of men. Intentional discipleship. And the end intent is to make others fishers of men. Now I am about to turn the tables on you, because some of you are sitting here reading and thinking how grateful you will be to have someone invest in you with intention, to train you up in the Word or ministry skills, and to make you a fisher of men.

However, if you are a redeemed child of God, you actually have an instruction that goes like this:. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. To go make others learners of who God is, how He saves, and how we can glorify Him. Inviting them into your life right to hear how the Lord has pursued you, how He saved you and what He is doing today in your life.

Letting them walk alongside you in your day-to-day to glimpse God at work in your life. No graduate diplomas were issued to them before He ascended into heaven. But you do have a story to tell. Just take a step forward.

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Right, where you are today. In the midst of experiencing the Lord redeem your own heart, invite someone else into your life. Not because you have all the answers, not because you have it all together, but simply because you are one step ahead of them.

Go To Shopping. To learn the guitar means to play the guitar. Matthew , NIV I love those words. Even today, the word disciple is understood differently from a student or a leaner; the word is scarcely used to refer to learners pursuing formal education in primary, second cycle and tertiary institutions; rather, it is mostly set apart to be used in the religious circles to refer to a certain caliber of people who are active adherents and devotees of the teachings of a teacher. Even in antiquity, however, mathetes was most often associated with people who were devoted followers of a religious leader or a teacher.

Therefore, in translation, the word disciple was preferred as a suitable equivalence for mathetes in the English version of the New Testament. A disciple and a student, though share some similarities, are strikingly different, one from the other. A student is a learner; his is to acquire knowledge and gain technical skills.

However, a disciple exceeds the student, in that he is not just a learner, but exercises the teachings received, showing uncommon loyalty and commitment of heart to the same. To the student, the teacher is an educator — one who passes knowledge on; but to the disciple, his teacher is deemed a leader and mentor, in addition to being an educator, whose standard of life is worthy of emulation.

To the student, the teachings taught are tools for future livelihood; but the disciple esteems the teachings as essential values for living. The student is after knowledge and skill, whereas the disciple is after principles, beliefs or things worth believing, doctrines, values of life, and things of eternal value, e. The student, at length, gains professional or technical skills, which he applies in the job field, intending to make financial gains; but a disciple lives by the teachings received and gains virtues, etc.

Normally, a student keeps his knowledge to himself; even if he would impact them to others, he would do so at a price. However, a disciple passes on the teachings, doctrines, principles, and values taught him to others with the intention of proselytizing and discipling them also.

A Disciple Is A Follower

Scholarship or academic study or being a student is time-bound. A student will someday end his course and graduate, vacating the classroom , never to become a student again until he makes another decision to further his education. However, discipleship or being a disciple is forever — you live in discipleship for life. You would pass through the hands of many teachers in the course of pursuing scholarship.

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However, there is this one person whose teachings and deeds appeals to your faith and devotion so much that you willingly choose to follow him faithfully; you are a disciple of that person. A student has many teachers; a disciple, apparently, has only one teacher and mentor. However, every disciple is, inevitably, a student of a kind, who, in the course of discipleship, learns; whether by seeing, reading or hearing; and commits to memory what he has learned. Normally, disciples are well-drilled in the teachings and doctrines of the teacher and leader.

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Every person experiences these two, discipleship and scholarship or apprenticeship. One person may sit in the classroom, from basic education to the tertiary, learning the arts or the sciences. Another person may learn a trade — carpentry, masonry, etc.

Both are directed towards making a living. But then, take it into consideration, apart from the school knowledge or the skills learned, every person lives by some beliefs, principles, or moral values, good or bad. Remember, one is a disciple to the person whose teachings, doctrines, etc.

What is Discipleship?

Christians of this present age, most certainly, have to learn to keenly manage their lives between these two experiences, discipleship and scholarship being a student. The world is a cradle of a myriad of ideologies, doctrines, hypothesis, theories and philosophies of men, which attempt to offer explanations to life or to the spiritual and physical realities of life, but come to naught because they are always found to be defective and inconsistent so much that those who believe in them do so blindly.

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There are as many of these opinions as the number of people on the earth. The Omniscient God knows all the false teachings that will abound in the end times; hence He gives us this note of caution through His apostle Paul, saying,. Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

Colossians It is thus expedient that the disciple should not share his heart between Jesus and some other ideologies or philosophies or doctrines of men. Simply said, a Christian ought not to embrace an opinion contrary to the Word of God; or that a Christian should not trade his faith for the opinions of men. His beliefs should be founded on the word of God only.

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Never regard any other opinion or belief above your Christian doctrines. He is a jealous God who would not want you to divide your faith between him and other opinions — false teaching, philosophies of men, etc. Reference —. Therefore, a Christian should be just a student in the classroom — be a student to your course, to your course teacher, or lecturer; but be a disciple only to Jesus. He is your true Teacher; just as He Himself said,. He is the only Teacher whose words and deeds are worth following.