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You value prosperity in order to enjoy material goods and comfort. Your main goal in earning and spending is to enjoy life in your home and surroundings. As you invest in your savings and retirement accounts, you are likely to be planning for a comfortable future with the time and place where you can enjoy your retirement lifestyle. If you've been spending too much, better start saving NOW.

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If you scored high in this category, financial management is probably more important to you already, or you are strongly inclined to learn to handle your finances more effectively. Developing your financial skills will honor this value and maximize your knowledge and interest in things financial. You probably like your job mostly for its financial benefits. When you spend money or invest, knowing you are getting value gives you pleasure.

You make financial plans for long-term security and short-term goals.

LifeValues Quiz

Your financial decisions are "hands on. A very low "I" score suggests that you might be seeing or making your financial decisions through the eyes of someone else, perhaps deferring to another's expectations or requirements. You might be a little out of touch with your need for personal expression, perhaps staying in a job with little fulfillment. You spend your money on other people or to achieve a particular lifestyle. You might enjoy finding a bargain, but you also might unwittingly be depriving yourself. Your plans for your future might be hard to finance and secure because they are not fully developed.

A very low "S" score, on the other hand, might indicate that you live alone, enjoy solitude, and value financial independence. You may be a loner and tend to make financial decisions "wise or not" in your own self interests. Your spending may be guided by lifestyle or the need for self-expression, but it is not related to the needs or wants of others.

You save to honor personal goals rather than to ensure a certain type of family or community lifestyle in your retirement years. A very low "P" score might indicate you are always on the go, more interested in experience than environment, a tendency not to collect "things. Others might question your lifestyle, but you are more focused on people or job satisfaction than on keeping up with the Joneses.

You are likely to spend on behalf of others or in order to ensure your safety or self-expression. Saving is, for you, a way to protect family needs or self-fulfillment.

Poisonous Plants Quiz

A modest retirement might work out just fine for you. You might be spending to satisfy your social or physical preferences, and that's fine if you can afford to do this. Consider that you might be neglecting your need to save, invest and spend wisely because these concerns are not important enough to you.

Budgeting is annoying to you, and you have little interest in investing or in balancing your accounts. Your spending is aimed at rewarding relationships or comfortable lifestyle; job satisfaction drives your work. You might be susceptible to impulsive buying. You are probably not a faithful saver unless you establish automatic systems to do this for you. Money topics are not likely to be enjoyable to read or discuss. Remember, however, if your Financial LifeValue score is low, think carefully about whether the consequences of a spending decision will help you or hurt you. If the answer is that it will hurt you, make a different choice!

You experience balance in this domain. It is not necessarily a dominant nor a weak driver of your decisions, unless your score is very close to the high score value 10 or the low score value 4 , in which case you might consult those interpretations as well. There may be specific situations where this domain more strongly influences your decisions and others where it does not.

The Self-Motivation Quiz

If you scored high in other domains, those values likely are stronger drivers of your decisions than this one. When your scores in the other domains also fall into the mid-range scores of , it suggests that you experience balance among relationships, independence, community and privacy.

LifeValues Profile Quiz Score Now that you have completed the quiz, here are your results which determine which combintiation of decision factors tends to drive your financial decisions. Inner LifeValues 5. Other Inner LifeValue Interpretations. Other Social LifeValue Interpretations.

Other Physical LifeValue Interpretations. Other Financial LifeValue Interpretations. Password Password is required.

Log In Forgot Password. You are signing up for SmartAboutMoney. Rest assured that you will not receive spam, product offers or any unsolicited emails and your personal information will not be sold or published. For more details, see our privacy policy. Pricing: No charge from SmartAboutMoney. Message and data rates may apply. Enjoying this site? Create an Account. Question 3 of 20 If I were to face an overdue account or bill that would have serious credit consequences, I would worry most about: My reputation and credit score.

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Question 4 of 20 In my opinion, the fundamental reason for health insurance is: To prevent bankruptcy or severe financial strain possibly due to medical bills. Question 5 of 20 When I think about changing jobs, my main concern is: Whether the new job would pay enough so I can cover the costs of my lifestyle. Question 6 of 20 I tend to deal with my housing priorities: In terms of lifestyle, reworking my ideas about my next home to figure out what I really want for myself. Question 7 of 20 In deciding what to do with a sudden cash windfall, I would: Consider taking a trip around the world and enjoy myself thoroughly.

Question 8 of 20 In case of serious accident or illness, my support network would likely be: Well-established and responsive. Question 9 of 20 Any decisions I would make or have already made about planning for retirement are based on: The future needs of my partner and adult children and grandchildren. Question 10 of 20 To feel totally satisfied with my housing, I would need: A place where I can live as I please and that reflects the "real me" to the outer world.

Question 11 of 20 When it comes to "impulse purchases": I reflect on whether I've treated myself lately and then make my decision. Question 12 of 20 The definition of "health" most appropriate for me would be: The ability to earn a living and maintain my lifestyle. Question 13 of 20 In making vacation plans, I weigh value and cost mostly in light of: The opportunity to share the trip with people or someone I care about and enjoy being with.

Question 14 of 20 If I "fell in love with" and wanted to buy a really big-ticket item boat, motorcycle, furniture suite that was not within my budget: I would figure out how to adjust my budget in order to be able to afford it if it were, in all ways, attractive to me. Question 15 of 20 When people visit my home and see my lifestyle: They know that my family and community take priority in my life.

Sperm whales are easily recognized: they have massive heads and prominent rounded foreheads.

Their heads hold large quantities of a substance called spermaceti, which gives them their name. Seahorses are fish.

They live in water, breath through gills and have a swim bladder. In contrast to most other fish, seahorses are monogamous and some species mate for life. Dugongs are more closely related to elephants than to whales and dolphins. They have long been associated with myths, and early sightings have led to legends of mermaids and sirens. Sea turtles are slow on land but quick and agile in the water. This animal strikes a balance between embarking on adventures and maintaining a comfortable pace. Learn more about Sea Turtles.

Clever, sensible and built for camouflage, the sawfish, also known as a carpenter shark, is actually part of the ray family. Learn More About the Sawfish. Incomparably powerful and confident, the jaguar is the most elusive of the big cats and is difficult to spot in the forest. Lions are known for being strong, ferocious and commanding. Tigers are self sufficient, courageous predators that know what they want and know how to get it.

This makes them quite formidable in competition. Rhinos prefer to roam the world on their own and jump from even-tempered to volatile.